Creative Team

Author Silvia Kovatchev


I’m a proud mother of two lovely girls! I always say that with all else one achieves in life, your kids are your biggest achievement!

I’m an award-winning independent filmmaker who loves living by the ocean on the North Shore of Boston!

Writing kids books is my latest endeavor – starting with the HopeAndGoSeek series.

I’m not going to go into details describing how fanatic I am about healthy eating. And how really important it is that parents cultivate healthy eating habits in their kids from early age. Yes – it’s not an easy process – I’ve been through it with our girls.

So it wasn’t surprising to me that when I started the HopeAndGoSeek series of books, the first story was around healthy eating. It’s not intended to be educational – there are many great resources out there that teach all that. My books are intended to be inspirational, to take kids on a magical journey, to help them find a new BFF – Hope – and to always believe in her!

Hope you and your kids like the HopeAndGoSeek adventures!


Illustrator Emanuela Serafini


My name is Emanuela Serafini and I’m an Italian illustrator. I live in the Alps in a small house with my two cats and a dog.

Since I was a child I always liked to draw and paint, and when I grew up I decided that this was to become my job. Now I’m working as a freelance illustrator and I do children’s book illustrations.

I love to paint with watercolours and pastels but I also use digital techniques. All my drawings are full of colours and done with love.