HopeAndGoSeek games

HopeAndGoSeek games

Have Hope lead your kids in these fun HopeAndGoSeek games that Hope-fully help your child develop love for the goodness of fruits&veggies! Have FUN, and “To Your Health!” – as I always wish to people at my table when I serve them delicious and wholesome food!

General directions

  1. Design your HopeAndGoSeek games based on your child’s age, interests, and what you want them to learn through the game
  2. Have the number of clues per game based on how long you want each game to be. You can play a game in its full sequence, or play one or a few clues each day and pick up the game the next day.
  3. Write clues on sticky notes and place them on fruits&veggies along the path of the game. Place the fruits&veggies in unusual/fun/hard to find spots.
  4. Play the game with a variety of fruits&veggies, introducing new ones to your child’s diet in different games.
  5. Hide Hope, somewhat visible, around each fruit/veggie – her presence will help your child solve the clue.
  6. Upon each successful find, reward the child by encouraging them to taste a fruit or veggie. While they do that, hide the Hope charm beside the next fruit/veggie, and give your child the next clue.
  7. At the last find, congratulate the child for finding Hope and eating all the yummy fruits and veggies. Give your child the Hope charm to keep until the next game – they can hang the charm near their bed, hook it on their backpack or clothes. This will help your child bond with Hope and trust her / follow her clues and advice in upcoming games.
  8. You can keep the clue notes for another time you play the same game, or as keepsakes.
  9. Share successful game outcomes and new game ideas on your blogs and social networks with #HopeAndGoSeekGames
  10. Wishing you fun, positivity, and good health – each and every time your child finds HOPE!

Note: Always be mindful of food allergies if you set games for larger groups of kids, not just your own.

Any age - action game
For 3-5 year olds learning colors – general fruits&veggies
For 3-5 year olds learning colors – breakfast edition, fruits
For 3-5 year olds learning colors – lunch/dinner edition, veggies
For 5-7 year olds learning numbers, combo with colors
For 5-7 year old learning letters
For 7-9 year old learning health benefits